Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Post 4 - The iRack

To my mind this video can refer to the notion of Progress, as it deals with high technology like Apple products.

On an other hand, it can also be related to the notion of power because it alludes to the Irak war and to the American participation, indeed the iRack symbolises the country. Besides, the anchorman could be Georges W Bush, the president of the United States, and it takes part to the notion.

Furthermore as it tackles the issue of the relation between America and Irak, we can talk about the notion "Spaces and Exchanges" (Iran is also mentioned at the end).

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

POST 3 (second edition)

The document that I have chosen is a video from Youtube, released in 2010.
It is an advertisement for Nikon Camera : it deals with camera and the world of photography. It tackles the social aspect, but also gives a view on the world.

The video is structured around a few sequences showing what is called "perfect moments". There is also a music which is "Welcome Home - Radical Face", and the sound of a camera taking photographies.
There are important moments of our lives, such as family ones, when we see a baby standing on his feet, a father with his children cooking, or an other with his daughter in a Russian moutain. It also shows moving emotions like laughing, loving, or feeling alive ... Effectively we see a little girl laughing doing Russian moutain (meanwhile his father is about to vomit), a couple who is marrying, and even more touching, a man who is applaused by an entire audience, with written "I am Alive".
On the other side, it offers a beautiful view of our world, amazing landscapes like pyramids, or simply a man driving in his car, travelling, going in a desert in order to do photographies. Moreover it shows a tornado, with a man rushing to it with his camera.
 Furthermore, there is also a sequence with an astronaut in space.

The most precious moments that can offers life are representated in this video. The advertiser clearly shows that photography permits saving the best moments of our lives. One of the final sequences which shows an astronaut is directly related to the notion of progress. Besides, the message put across by the advertisement is also that a camera could be everything, everywhere, with everybody. Actually the main idea of the video is to create a link between the camera and "a part of the world" as we can read in the tittle.

The document is very efficient to my mind, since it is very touching and enthrailling. Indeed, universal ideas, such as love, happiness or breathtaking landscapes, offer strength to the advertisement. In other words, the Nikon product becomes symbolic by means of incontestable values.