Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spaces & exchanges

The first document is a cartoon which shows three countries or territories : Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Switzerland. There is a chest full of money on the bitch side of the island, with the name "Romney" written on it. Romney is an American political business man. He is digging a hole to bury his money right next to the chest. There is also a yacht called "believin' in America" with Romney's son and grand daughter sitting on it. 
The three territories that are represented are three tax havens. Romney is talking about outsourcing jobs and offshoring to be able to make as much money as possible without having to pay taxes. The next generation sees it as a good example to follow given that the little girl exclaims "You should be president". This document criticizes the fact that some politicians give a good image of themselves but only think of making profit behind the population's back.

The second one represents two men talking to each other. It is a satirical cartoon as they both are caricatured.
There are mentionning that they gave "thousands of jobs" to a country, but criticize the fact that now the people who took the jobs want to get paid.
The document is basically telling us that the capitalist system offshores its production where there are minimum wages to make the maximum profit.
This shows us that in some parts of the world a certain type of colonisation or slavery is seing the light of day.

These two documents deal with the notion of spaces and exchanges because they tackle the issue of relocation and offshoring, which creates problems in the countries that are concerned, because on one hand it reduces the number of jobs and on another hand it makes people work in horrible conditions. That is an aspect of the flaws of globalization.