Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Post 3

This cartoon is representating of the technological advances concerning communication in long distance. We can't find more information about it. It is in the form of a timeline.
It shows four drawings. In each other there is a man who is trying to communicate something : The first is a man without any clothes, who is playing with a tree trunk and sticks. But actually, he is doing some noise in order to communicate with fellow men, in a great distance. In fact, people used to exchange with homing pigeon for example, or by doing significant sounds, like african tribes nowadays.
The second picture represents a man with glasses who is writing something like a letter, with a pen and some ink. Effectively, men communicated with each other thanks to writing, but they also continue doing it.
However, as we can see in the third drawing, today men also speak by phone. Actually there is a man who is wearing a purpple suit and calling someone.
To finish, the fourth image shows us a man with blond hair, as we can see all around us, typing in the keyboard of his phone.
Indeed these days we can easily communicate with our mobile phone, typing messages or sending photos... It takes no more time than one or two minutes. However before, ways of communication were not very efficient : To send a message it took more time and more efforts than nowadays.
Men have searched for something which could allow them to talk to each other. Writings were the first invention which was a complex one, which required specific knowledge and material. Nevertheless, it was neither safe nor effective, given that, sometimes letters had to cross many countries, or to go through many people. Some piece of information could hardly be sent. Thus, these problems rose the telephone line question, and latter, the mobility question. The fact is that a telephone line was problematic as there were note telephones everywhere. The man had to find an other solution to this key issue. The message put across by the document is that communication is always getting better. Moreover, even if the stages are very different, it shows that it is promising : Technology can make great steps.
Howsoever, isn't it a vicious circle, because every time that we find a solution for our problem, a new obstacle stands.  
To my mind communication headway permit human beings to exchange easier and easier. It has improved itself many time, and I think it will never stop searching something that could be better. Generally, the progress has no limits. 
Besides, I think that the document could be better with more precisions. I find that stages are missing, like "Internet" or "email".


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