Monday, November 18, 2013

Free post

I'd like to talk about freedom.
For me freedom is one of the most important things in life. I assume there are three meanings of the word "freedom".
The first is the one which is visible, which ables a person to walk without any shackles or without being a slave. That is to say you aren't under someone's pressure, you can make your own decisions.
The second meaning is related to civil Rights : you are free to do what ever you like provided it isn't forbidden by the law.
However "to be free" could also refer to a state of mind. Sometimes people doesn't feel good because of a load of rubbish, boring jobs, arguments, ending love stories, society pressure... we can also be slave of an illness, a dependence, an idea... That's why people could depend on many things, be very vulnerable, and so lost their freedom. I think we must get rid of what can hinder our happiness.

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