Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Into the Wild

Into the wild is a movie released in 2007 by Sean Penn It talks about a courageous man with lofty goals who decides to escape from society to live his own destiny, by travelling all around the world as a solitary wild man without anything.
This film could be related to the notion "Myths & Heroes".
Firstly, the main character has quite all the caracteristics of the heroic figure. He is brave, alone in front of the danger, and his journey is totally idealistic. Furthermore, he is engaged on a quest and has goals to fulfilling.
Secondly, this stoy remains us of the Good Savage Myth, which assumes that humans are naturally good, but that civilization has led them into the realm of violence, hatred, and cruelty.
However this movie could also be related to the notion of progress, as it aludes to the rejection of progress. I. e. that the main character is against consumer society and the buying power, technology and so one...

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  1. Well summed up really.
    A few linguistic errors, though, but overall this is a good job, Lauren.